Wingits Rectangular Rear Mount Tub Bench with Skis

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Rated up to 800 lbs.
Meets or exceeds all building codes, ADA criteria, and 2010 ADAAG and 2017 ANSI Standards
Must have 1.5” ledge on inside to use
Mounts on 30” wall opposite the control wall
The frame of the bench is 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel and the seat is automatically held in a raised position by a Stainless Steel friction hinge bracket attached to the end of the tub seat
When lowered in the down position, the bench rests securely on both the inside and outside tub ledge for support
Bench with Skis designed for tubs with a 12.5” – 14.5” Above Floor Finish (AFF) measurement
To meet ADAAG Standards, tub benches must be securely mounted and located 17” – 19” Above Finished Floor (AFF)
WINGITS® folding tub benches are designed to hold live loads in walls only and must be installed into either adequate structural blocking or with WINGITS® Patented Grab Bar fasteners (GBW40) – sold separately
Proudly made in the USA

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