4 Benefits of Investing in Technology in Hotels in 2020

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Investing in technology in hotels in 2020 benefits hotel guests, staff, and owners. Even in hotels with steady income year after year, regular updates can inspire guests and save money. 

2020 has been the year of changes.  Not surprisingly, hotel guests in the post-COVID-19 world want safe technology amenities. People need to feel safe, and they may need something to attract them to small establishments.

Investing in technology in hotels 2020 can make the difference between marginal and profitable operations. It also provides guest experiences that bring visitors back. Best of all, many tech investments require little up-front cash. Some even save money in the long run!

4 Benefits of Investing in Technology in Hotels in 2020

1. Hotel Guests Like Technology

According to an Oracle survey, hotel guests like technology

“Nearly two-thirds of U.S. guests said it was ‘very or extremely important’ for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience.”

In addition, survey participants reported that they like to use their smartphones to “request service and message hotel staff.” The survey concluded that “94% of business travelers and 80% of leisure travelers value the ability to use their smartphones.” 

2. Hotel Technology Means Marketing Data

Understanding guests’ needs and wants means improved marketing and upselling capability. Hotel Management magazine reported that smart technology offers hotel owners opportunities for smart marketing practices. They can now get “a more complete picture of their guests than ever before.”

It goes on to comment, …

“Hotels that leverage data insight are the ones that will continue to succeed in the face of increased competition from Airbnb.”

According to a major survey of hoteliers and consumers by Oracle Hospitality Check-in, surveyees stated that they …

“… are comfortable sharing with hoteliers a fair amount of personal information. … Seventy one percent would share … food preferences/allergies, and 64% would share their entertainment preferences.”

3. Technology Can Help Guests Feel Safe

Technology for hotels can help guests feel safe. For example, smart hotels with sensors and voice activated devices mean less physical contact. That means loyalty in the post-pandemic world. 

Additionally, mobile room keys have become popular among hotel managers. Reception staff like them because they save them steps during the check-in process too. They also prevent wasteful keycard replacement due to losses or damage. Best of all, guests stay safer because they no longer have to handle potentially infectious plastic keycards. 

Likewise, automated check-in and check-out limit guest contact with hotel staff. Visitors worried about exposure to viruses and other microbes can check in, get to their rooms, and check out with minimal contact. For those hotel managers who like personalized check-ins at the desk, near-field communication (NFC) technology also reduces contact at check-in time.

4. Savings Through Efficiency

Hotel managers know how much energy goes into running a facility. Smart thermostats and occupancy sensors can monitor and respond to fluctuations in occupancy. According to Hotel Management magazine

“Smart energy-management systems can reduce hotel energy costs by up to 20 percent and generate some of the fastest payback periods in the industry (between 12-24 months).”

These smart energy-management systems use “sophisticated machine-learning algorithms.” They also take into account …

  • historical thermodynamics
  • local weather patterns
  • peak demand loads
  • room occupancy and use patterns

With this information, they can constantly optimize energy consumption. They also ensure that hotel equipment, such as lights, heats, and air conditioners, operate only when needed. A smart system wastes less energy, and customers enjoy it as a planet-friendly bonus.

In Conclusion

Investing in technology in hotels in 2020 can mean expenditures in a slow year, however, it can also make your guest experience more enjoyable, which means customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion. 

Many technological innovations cost little, and some can provide quick savings. At Archmaster, we have plenty of amenities to accompany new technological installations. And, we have architectural hardware in stock to help build the structures you need to accommodate it. 


The year 2020 means change. So, upgrading now can boost customer loyalty as business returns to normal. Contact us today!

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