7 Tips for Hotels to Make Reopening Feel Safer

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Hospitality’s very nature of being welcoming and inviting to strangers has been overturned. What once made the hospitality industry special – its human touch – is now what could make it such a danger. Still, we persevered and found ways to still welcome and host people. It will look different, with new rules in place and lots of PPE, but it can still be a comforting getaway experience for those that need it. 

Unless for, maybe, Florida, there general rules of thumb for all public places include (but are not limited to):

  • masks to be worn at all times
  • social distancing of 6 feet between patrons
  • wipe down/disinfectant after each guest
  • mandatory hand washing on the hour
  • establishing max capacity for main shared areas.

Some additional measures to make your guests feel safe, are listed below.

Contact-Less Check-Ins

Allowing people to check in and out remotely is one of the greatest, cheap, and effortless services we can offer guests. Smaller hotels aren’t forced to invest in their own app to offer the service, either. There are so many programs and platforms that can be easily integrated to hotels’ existing systems, as listed on this helpful link.

Fever Testing

It might seem like an annoyance, and perhaps, dear reader, you are annoyed with the practice when you want to go out, but ultimately, it reassures every single entrant that they’re in a facility that has not allowed anyone with even a slight fever to enter it.

Extend Empty Room Time

Most hotels have been compelled to leave rooms empty between guests, for an allotted amount of time. Depending on your area, you may be implementing anywhere from 2 days of emptiness, to 5. However, if you’re not already at full capacity, consider longer delays. The more you can tell guests you’re doing for their safety, they more safe they’ll feel.

Better Air 

Don’t just leave the rooms empty, ensure they’re being well fumigated. There are a host of air filtration systems – especially since the spread of Coronavirus – that are exceptional at providing clean air, filtering the air, and being noiseless. Take advantage of available technology and invest in your guests.

Set Up New Ways to Clean

The Four Season in NY, one of the strongest advocates for returning to a new normal, provides their guests with 3 bags upon arrival; one for dirty towels, one for dirty sheets, and one for trash. Sitting down with your housekeeping team and getting ideas from the very hands on deck dealing with it, may expose your hotel to brilliant new ways to make your guests feel safe and comfortable.

Other Forms of Menus

Offering paper or digital menus may seem like a small move, considering that some hotels have removed all dining options except for pre-made meals in boxes in a fridge, but it can reduce the transfer of germs to a significant degree. Paper menus are a good start, but truthfully, in this day and age, digital menus are more environmentally conscious and prevent people from losing side of their options before they’re all the way through.

Remote Communication

Encourage the use of remote communication between staff and guests by integrating software to your website or proprietary app. This will prevent unnecessary trips to the front desk, needless badgering of staff in-person. It will allow everyone to maintain good social distancing, and often allow staff to accomplish the tasks in a more timely fashion.

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