Choosing the Right Door Hardware for Different Hotel Spaces

If you’re in charge of choosing and purchasing hospitality doors and hotel door hardware, you’ve been given a unique and challenging responsibility. Your selection should maximize ease of access and convenience for your customers while being aesthetically pleasing, providing a high level of security, and satisfying all local building codes and fire safety regulations, as well as the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Arguably the most important factor in satisfying all those requirements is the hotel door hardware you select. Luckily, there’s a wide selection of quality door hardware for hotels available. Here’s a guide to choosing the right hardware for different applications.

How To Choose the Right Hotel Door Hardware for Specific Guest Spaces

  • Entrances and Exits

    Primary access and egress doors should have hotel door handles that are easily grasped on the outside as well as push bars on the inside for fast, easy exits; be secured for use only by registered guests with hotel door access control systems and self-latching locks; and be equipped with automatic door closers to keep them from loudly banging closed. The latter are equipped with screws that can be adjusted with a screwdriver to control closing speed. These doors can also be fitted with door seals for better energy efficiency and to keep moisture out. Security cameras should monitor all entryways.

  • Guest Rooms

    Modern hotel door hardware for guest rooms includes a security locking system that latches automatically and can be uniquely coded for each guest while allowing for emergency entry, a deadbolt, door stops or door chains, peepholes, and heavy-duty yet stylish hinges. A floor bumper or baseboard bumper to protect walls is a recommended addition.

  • Gym/Pool Area

    Doors in recreation areas should be equipped with coded security locks to keep unauthorized individuals and unaccompanied children out. They should also have push-bar handles on the interior for fast emergency evacuations. Water-resistant hotel door hardware should be used in these high-humidity environments.

  • Meeting and Event Spaces

    Rooms intended to accommodate large groups of people must be equipped on the inside with push-bar exit devices for fast evacuation. Large door pulls or rotary door knobs can be used on the exterior for easy entry, along with keyed rotary locks and deadbolts to secure the rooms when not in use. Heavy-duty hinges are also a good idea for these heavily used doors.

  • Maintenance, Storage and Staff Areas

    Spaces containing sensitive mechanical, electrical and systems control equipment, as well as supplies, employee records and personal belongings, must be secured from access by anyone except authorized personnel. As with all types of hospitality industry doors, they must be easy to exit from. Heavy-duty hardware and large door pulls on service doors along with baseboard bumpers are recommended.

When selecting hotel door hardware, it’s essential to comply with local building codes, ADA requirements and fire safety regulations. Regular maintenance and periodic audits of door hardware also contribute to the long-term safety and functionality of a hotel’s entryways.

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