Emerging Hotel Design Trends in 2024: Health, AI & Personalization

Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you the world seems to be changing at a much faster pace than it used to. Businesses finally getting back on track after the global upheaval of a few years ago are engaging customers who have a whole new list of concerns and expectations, and that is especially true for the hospitality industry.

Technology is driving a lot of the change, with styles, tastes and fashions are evolving at the speed of the Internet. Smart technology and AI are making possible new services and amenities for guests, while new tools and products make hotel operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Discover how hotel design will evolve in 2024 with a focus on health, hygiene, smart technology, personalized experiences, and wellness. See how AI, mobile contactless procedures, and UV sanitizers will form a part of the future hotel experience.

Emerging Hotel Design Trends for 2024

  • Health & Hygiene Consciousness

    The pandemic may be over, but people have developed a permanent aversion to encounters with germs. Hotel contactless check-in and check-out using mobile devices will become more prevalent. Guests will expect to see hand sanitizer stations located in rooms and at strategic locations around the hotel, as essential bathroom accessories, and in the gym and dining area. Masks and gloves should be available, and UV sanitizers in rooms is a thoughtful and affordable amenity to offer.

  • AI & Smart Technology

    Hotel design trends for 2024 will be greatly influenced by new technologies. Automation controlled by AI will be used to streamline hotel operations and processes increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Smart technology will also enhance the guest experience with automated controls and sensors to adjust the guest room environment for comfort and noise reduction.

  • Style & Security

    With crime so much in the news, guests are more security-conscious than ever. Hotels that offer sturdy and secure hotel door lock systems will make them feel more protected and safer, increasing customer satisfaction. Modern finishes and styling in door hardware and accessories like stops and bumpers enhance sturdiness and security, and add a look of sophistication and utility.

  • Personalized Experiences

    Technology is also making possible a more personalized guest experience with a concept called Hyper Commerce. This involves using social media and AI chatbots to engage the customer early on in their hotel-booking journey, using a conversational interface to capture all the details of their requirements and preferences from first contact to checkout to create tailored room settings, curated amenities, and personalized services.

  • Wellness Features

    Health, wellness and sustainability are important bywords for hotel design trends in 2024. Enhanced spa facilities, fitness centers and in-room wellness amenities to make guests feel pampered and cared for will be in demand. The use of natural elements to create calming and rejuvenating environments to fight stress and anxiety will enhance customer satisfaction as well as promote a sense that the establishment values environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. Murals, sculptures and art installations can help to complete this atmosphere.

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