Hotel-Supply Innovations That Solve Noise Issues for Your Guests

Ever since the very first inn hung out its sign, travelers have been complaining about noisy accommodations. Not much has changed since then. The No. 1 complaint listed on hotel guest surveys and lodged at front desks is noise from outside and from neighboring rooms. Noise is also the issue most frequently cited on online hotel review platforms, greatly contributing to lower star ratings.

So it follows that hotels wanting to increase customer satisfaction should make noise abatement a priority. Fortunately, modern technology and new design concepts have made it much easier to give your guests a peaceful, quiet stay and a good night’s sleep. Here are some innovative noise suppression upgrades you should consider.

Innovative Noise Reduction Solutions for Hotels

  • Quieting Doors

    Loud, banging doors are one of the biggest causes of guest complaints. Hotel doors need to be heavy to ensure security and positive closure, but there are ways to tame the slams. One of the easiest and most economical ways is to ensure all your doors are equipped with door bumpers and stops, which will also help to prevent damage to walls. Another affordable solution is hydraulic door closers, which can be adjusted to allow the door to swing shut softly and quietly, even when pushed.

  • Soundproofing Walls & Floors

    Noises emanating from neighboring rooms is the second-most-frequent cause of guest complaints. The solution is to make the walls and floors better able to muffle and absorb sound. Acoustical insulation is much like normal thermal insulation but made to deaden sound waves using special designs and materials. It can also be used on floors or ceilings in multi-story hotels to block sound from upper level rooms. Sound absorbing panels that can be installed directly over drywall are another option for guest and conference rooms. Special sound-negating underlayment products are available to be used under thick carpeting to help deaden footfalls. These measures used together will silence all but the loudest of noises.

  • IoT Room Automation

    The Internet of Things (IoT), connecting systems through the internet to be controlled from a remote device, has made it possible, using smart technology, to monitor noise levels in guest rooms and automatically adjust room settings such as curtain position and HVAC levels to minimize external noise.

  • White Noise Generationn

    Some of the largest hotel chains are offering their guests the use of white noise generators to help drown out noises and help them get to sleep. Most of these devices can also play soothing sounds like falling rain, seashore waves, and babbling brooks.

Archmaster can help you solve noise and other hospitality industry issues through innovative and guest-centric approaches using our heavy-duty, quality hotel products. Contact us today to learn more.

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